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lady gurl bartering
i'll show you mine if you show me yours
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17th-Nov-2006 01:12 am - it's been a while...
tree frog
..but i'd definitely barter instead of thinking of teh holidaze...

in search of..

wooden flute/recorder
long sleeve onesies size 18 mo-2t
soft sole shoes 18-24 months and 13 toddler
converse size 6-7 toddler
sweat/fleece pants 18 mo-2t and 6-7 child
thermals size 18mo-2t and 7-8 child
size 00 gauge stretchers/tapers
funky non plastic/noisy toys
stickers (politico, fem, bands, art, etc) for my painting supply case
knitting/sewing bag
dread beads and head scarfs
mix cds/playlists for my ipod
interesting clothes in size l/xl for me, 24mo-2t, and 7-8 child
anything handmade except for lotions and super scented stuff

for sale or trade

bean/rice bags
doll slings
knit bags
small necklace style knit treasure bags
jack and lilly 6-12 month soft sole shoes red trainer style
felt ipod cozies
sewn stuffed animals/monsters/creatures/totally unique little thingies
prayer flag style art
hemp/bead necklaces/bracelets
sewn bags
most anything simple sewn/knitted
8x11" approx sized oil painting.. subject and purpose not to be known..
5th-Feb-2006 09:43 am(no subject)
tree frog
also, can someone come up with some good icons for the community?
5th-Feb-2006 09:36 am - greetings.
tree frog
hey, i'm elizabeth, 23yo mama to michael who's rocking the mobile world at 3 1/2 yo, and nathaniel, who will be soon competing in the latch of death olympics and uses his dimples to get anything he wants, is 5 1/2 months old. posting my iso and fsot lists under the cut because they're looong.. i love to barter, am very poor, and it's one of the only ways i get cool stuff for myself and my shorties.

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