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lady gurl bartering
i'll show you mine if you show me yours
5th-Feb-2006 09:36 am
tree frog
hey, i'm elizabeth, 23yo mama to michael who's rocking the mobile world at 3 1/2 yo, and nathaniel, who will be soon competing in the latch of death olympics and uses his dimples to get anything he wants, is 5 1/2 months old. posting my iso and fsot lists under the cut because they're looong.. i love to barter, am very poor, and it's one of the only ways i get cool stuff for myself and my shorties.

bummis super whisper wrap velcro m and l
wool soakers 15 lbs+
longies 15 lbs+
hanna boys or gender neutral 70-80 and 120-130
hanna mocs for 5mo ds and 3yo ds
pilot cap size 6+ mo
mama panel/patchwork skirts size l/xl
thick warm nursing pads
waldorf books, teaching aides, etc, especially "the continuum concept", "the nature corner", "children at play", "the genius of play"
funky/hippie/boho clothing for n(size 9-12 mos), m (size 6-8), and me (size l-xl)
zutano 9mos and larger
most anything with dinosaurs (for 3 yo ds) or dragons (for 5mo ds) - try me
dress up clothes for 3yo ds
soft sole shoes in size 12-18 mos and 3-4 yrs(size 12-13 toddler)
moccasins/soft sole shoes in adult womens 11/mens 10
wooden toys
cloth/waldorf dolls
taggie blanket
viewmaster reels (no cartoons)
anything with squirrels for dh (don't ask!)
gnomes, faeries, creatures, felted items for nature table
knitted/felted animals/play food
full size tambourine
head scarfs/dread wraps
crocheted rainbow poncho
tapestries/wall hangings/posters/artwork
funky yarn
a handmade quilt for each of my sons
mei tai style/front pack baby carrier
rebozo or similar baby sling
large rainbow arches
natural fiber hammock
activist/ap/anarchist/etc clothes, pins, books
books (feminist, parenting, grief, ones that make you think, or even sometimes brain candy)
funky journal
interesting stationary
0 or 00gauge ear plugs, tapers, and tunnels
tie dye socks, shirts, anything really for me, and both my shorties
nose screws
knotty boy dread soap (new, please!)
dread beads
mama/lady/gurl made crafts/art/jewelry/clothes/etc.
funky bags/purses
mix cds. i love hearing bands i've never heard before
belly dancing skirts/tops/scarfs/music/videos
sandlewood incense


proraps velcro m diaper coversx6
knit baby blankets
knit felted/unfelted treasure bags for littles
knit shawls
sewn bags
knit bags
bean/rice bags
sewn capes for shorties
knit scarfs
ribbon dancers and wristlets
hemp bracelets/necklaces
tons of boys clothes and shoes 0-6 months and 2t-5
lady clothes size l, will post pics later
small amount of paypal
7th-Feb-2006 05:54 am (UTC)
so we're like always trading, but i have a mei tai sling that i dont' ever use. it's one size fits all. in fact i hardly use slings anymore, i'm a wuss with the back and shoulder aches. was actually going to ask if you wanted one.
got a slew of anarchist/ap/activist type pins and stickers can't possibly use all my self.
been looking for belly dancing stuff as well.
capes and bean bags for my shorties would be awesome. being the sewing impaired mama that i am.
i'm in the process of figuring out how to knit soakers and longies hopefully i can make my first pairs with out them being to strangely shaped. i'll make you some for free if you supply the yarn.
7th-Feb-2006 02:34 pm (UTC)
sounds good. for the capes measure from their shoulders to where you want them to end (usually around their knees) and i'll get working on them. and i finally found a way to use those wic dried beans, ha!
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